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Windows server ipm_win_1_65_231.exe (135 MB) Intelligent Power® Manager v1.65B231 Release note
Virtual appliance IPM-1.65.231.VA64_OVF10.ova (737 MB) Intelligent Power® Manager v1.65B231bis:
Virtual Appliance on Debian 9.2 (x64)
Release note

*NOTE: These files will install the free, basic version of IPM on your system. You can upgrade to a full-featured version of IPM with a silver or gold license by contacting your local reseller.
Find out what you’re missing by using the basic version. Check out this overview.

Eaton recommends updating from previous versions to Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) 1.65. This maintenance release corrects a cybersecurity issue (CVE-2018-12031) and a user management issue identified in version 1.64